Our Company, bringing a new dimension to the industry just within 7 years, has the vision to ensure European standard products are offered to the companies and to introduce the innovations of the quickly developing food industry to the producers.

In the quickly developing food industry, Berk Kimya has an important competitive power in additives market. Berk Kimya provides timely product delivery assurance by carrying out product specific studies with customer oriented studies and providing quality and cost advantage to the producers.

Berk Kimya offers a resource for your service requirements in food additives. Our Company cooperates with the leading additive producers of the world and provides an advantage in your production costs with our advanced vision and through new technologies and applications.

Milk Protein, Fat Substitutes and Caseinates

Berk Kimya introduces you EPI Ingredients, one of the biggest producers of Europe based in France and producing milk derivative additives.

The milk proteins, butter substitute, creams and special mixtures produced from specially selected fresh pasteurized milk and whey are waiting for meeting with you through Berk Kimya.

Omega 3

Omega-3 fat acids, which the consumers are becoming more aware about their importance and benefit on health, are now offered by Berk Kimya with the new special forms designed for being used in different application areas and food & drug industry where fat and powder forms are used.


French Lallemand company operating in developing, production and marketing of probiotic cultures and creating the formulations of probiotic products is now in Turkey…

Available in our digestion system with a certain rate and with their widespread use due to their proven benefits on health, the probiotic cultures are now introduced to you by Berk Kimya with sample application…


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